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Mel's Priorities


Support Public Education

Fully fund public schools and stop funneling public funds to private unaccredited institutions. Return curriculum and school activity decisions to the local professionals. Establish new programs to attract and retain the next generation of educators.   


Expand KanCare

Expanding KanCare will improve the health and financial stability of working families. 

It will boost the economy and strengthen hospitals and healthcare providers.

Accepting federal funds will cost Kansans nothing. 


Tax Relief

Kansans have been paying long enough to correct the budget issues of the past, it is time they are provided with some relief.

I will fight to fund the property tax relief fund as well as eliminating the food sales tax effective immediately.


Additional Issues

  • Protecting women's rights to bodily autonomy and privacy to make their own reproductive healthcare decisions

  • Common sense gun safety policies

  • legalizing medical marijuana

  • creating a non partisan redistricting body

  • Protecting children and adults against discrimination by the KS lawmakers

  • Fighting against climate change and protecting future generations from the devastating affects of inaction.


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