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Your People-First Candidate

I am a Kansan by choice. Growing up in an Air Force family, I got to travel the world from England and Germany to Florida and Arizona . I enjoyed learning about new places and meeting new people, and never imagined I would want to put down roots.

When I moved to Olathe in 2006, I fell in love. First with the people and way of life, then with a kind and talented man I am blessed to call my husband, James. I have now lived in this beautiful state for most of my life, and I am happy to be raising my two young children here.

My passion for advocacy began at work, shortly after I had my son, Oliver. Going back to work in our lending call center with no PTO after taking 2 months unpaid leave was the most stressful part of being a new mother. After talking with my coworkers it was clear only those of us who went through it knew how tough it was to be a new parent at a company with no parental leave. I made it my mission to make sure the policy makers knew as well.


I spoke up every chance I had to raise awareness with our leadership. When I moved into a leadership position it was important to me to provide compassionate support to other new mothers and others going through hardships that the company policies did not consider.

I became a founding member of one of our Associate Impact Groups (women of work), and when I moved to a non-customer facing role as a product analyst I joined a second impact group for disabilities. I chaired the committee to review and recommend benefits, our team recommended and HR implemented many new benefits including 12 weeks paid leave for ALL parents, regardless of how they became parents.     

When the changes came, they came too late to benefit my family personally, but it was the feeling I got knowing I helped make things a little better for the next generation of parents that turned me into an advocate for the people.

Now, I want to make things better on a bigger scale. My background in consultative sales has provided me with a people-first perspective, critical leadership and relationship building skills that will help me serve the people of House District 121.

We deserve a representative who listens to the people, not to corporate interests. I am ready to serve. Will you support the people of Kansas by voting Mel Pinick on November 8th?

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